At the beginning of 2010, Max Kramer fell while cycling and broke his shoulder.  During his recovery, Max came in contact with compression clothing for the first time.

Max tried a lot of different kinds of compression clothing during this long recovery period. After his recovery, he started developing his own compression shirts. These were better and more effective than the shirts he used during his own recovery. The first Knap'man compression shirts were born!

In endurance sports or athletics, compression clothing is well-known. In other sports athletes are not familiar with compression clothing. Knap'man introduces compression clothing to all ranges of sport.

In the meantime, Knap'man compression clothing is used in soccer, hockey, handball, running, kickboxing, cycling, golf and horse riding. Top sporters are positive over their experience with Knap'man products. They definitely benefit by using Knap'man.

Responsible production in Europe

Knap'man Compression clothing is produced in Europe, using the most advanced en modern techniques and materials.

We constantly work to improve and innovate our products.

Extensively tested

Knap'man compression clothing is developed and extensively tested by top sporters, physiotherapists and sport physicians.


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