Press release settlement preliminary relief proceedings Knap’man-Megmeister

Press release 24-01-2018

In 2017, Knap’man took Megmeister Ltd. to court for imitation compression shorts

On the 24th of April 2017, Shapewear Europe B.V., proprietor of the Knap’man® brand, brought preliminary relief proceedings against Megmeister Ltd at the court of The Hague, due to the infringement of several registered copy- and design rights of Shapewear Europe B.V. regarding the Knap’man® compression shorts with targeted compression, and slavish imitation thereof.

Shapewear Europe B.V. believes that Megmeister Ltd. infringes these rights with their offered compression shorts.

Before the preliminary relief proceedings came to a judicial procedure (OF: the judges’ decision), both parties reached a settlement in November 2017.
In this settlement is, among other things, agreed the withdrawal of the compression short of Megmeister Ltd. from the market.
In the future, Megmeister Ltd. will not produce a compression shorts similar to the registered design (Knap’man® compression short) and/or infringes the registered copy- and design rights of Shapewear Europe B.V.

Revolutionary Knap’man compression shorts
Knap’man has developed a superstrong compression shorts with a revolutionary, targeted compression. The patented, targeted compression zones follow the anatomy of the body and give optimal compression.
The innovative and technical advanced manufacturing process ensures optimal comfort of wear and total freedom of movement for the athletes.

In a short period the Knap’man® compression shorts are worn by players in every major soccer league.

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