Knap'man introduces Body Encircled, Targeted Compression; Patented compression zones that follow the anatomy of the body and give optimal support to the correct areas, key muscles such as abs, quadriceps, groin, hamstring and calfs, for the best results.



Extra support

The targeted compression zones give extra stability and support to the muscles and joints.

More stability

Optimal stability to the muscles due to the high compression value, with as a result less muscle damage.

Unique compressie value

Knap'man compression clothing contains a unique compression value up to 45%. There are no comparable compression shorts available.  

Targeted compression

The patented, targeted compression zones follow the anatomy of the body and the muscles, resulting in optimal support to the correct areas.

Body encircled compression

Body Encircled Compression to the whole body (4-way stretch, shape retention fabric).


Knap'man Compression Clothing

Invisible Under Garmens

Invisible under garments due to total Seamless fabric.

MaxClima™ CoolTouch

Pleasant, cool feeling due to modern CoolTouch-application. Even after long-term usage.

Exceptional ventilation

Exceptional ventilation thanks to advanced MaxClima™ fabric.

Shape retention

Advanced elastic materials with optimal shape retention, without squeezing.

MaxClima™ SoftFeel

SoftFeel-application; Exceptional soft material, feels like a 'second skin'.

Quick drying

Quick drying fabric thanks to special form of the yarn.

Pilling Resistant

Extra resistance to pilling.

Sun Protection

Special treatment of the fabric to protect the skin from UV-A and UV-B radiation.

30% Silver Ions

Built-in silver ions with antibacterial effects against unwanted odours.

Moisture Regulating

Special designed to regulate moisture for comfortable and dry feeling.

Extra Comfort 

Exceptional comfort of wear. SoftFeel-application.

Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit thanks to the special characteristisc of MaxClima™ fabric and the Body Encircled, Targeted Compression.

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